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f lexibility, agility now define the efficient workplace e fficiency is – and will always be – the principal driver in space planning. a n annual survey of occupiers now shows just how that definition is evolving to mean, too, a workplace that is efficiently nimble for the changing physical needs of the organization. l eadership today doesn't – and shouldn't – look like it always has t aking ample time to think, much less innovate, often seems like a luxury for some executives who are busy getting things done. But in today's world, the leader who doesn't stop to reassess and reimagine risks a lot in the name of conformity. e ight Global i nnovator's a wards finalists are named i t's time again to review outstanding work by corporate real estate ( cre ) professionals the world over. i n o ctober, we'll announce from a list of eight nominees this year's winner for the 2018 h . Bruce r ussell Global i nnovator's a ward. a look at the convergence of technology and corporate real estate i t's an impressive array: augmented and virtual reality. t he i nternet of t hings ( i o t ). m achine learning. a rtificial intelligence. a utonomous vehicles. t hese spectacular technologies, once the tools of science fiction, are here now and poised to make serious inroads into cre . Novartis prescribes activity-based workplaces in e urope, a sia By rethinking the physical space, technology to be used, and behaviors and/or cultures of the people who inhabit its workplaces, n ovartis has successfully created purpose-specific work environments to promote the health, happiness, autonomy and productivity of its employees. Your building might be smart, but is it cognitive? t he building of 2050 will give architects and designers insight into how their designs really work. i t will constantly communicate its own behaviors and performance to those who need to know. a nd, it will increase productivity of occupiers. a ll of this starts with that building's digital twin. s tudy looks at challenges to financial services workplace i n addition to the customary economic, political and regulatory challenges faced by the financial-services sector, newer disruptors – namely, technologies and different kinds of competitors – are taking aim at today's financial institutions and investment banks. n ew research shows how the financial-services workplace might fare. b ank headquarters buildings change with the times f ew head offices reflect a company's brand the way bank headquarters are intended to do. t ypically grand and often-intimidating showplaces of wealth and prestige, many bank h Qs today are being softened in form and function to suit newer sensibilities of employees, customers and communities. fea TU res 12 16 20 24 28 30 TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 September 2018 the leader 36 32

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