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6 September 2018 the leader a utonomous vehicles: Where are they now? Where are they going? t he fast pace of change and the wide range of trends driving investment in autonomous-vehicle technology means identifying some short-term priorities to ensure the sector can meet the changing expectations of corporate real estate occupiers, developers, landlords, and regulators. Global survey assesses status of digital workplace capabilities What comprises the digital workplace, and how far along is our profession in adopting digital-workplace solutions? Whose job is it to drive that adoption, and which challenges stand in the way? h ow do organizations define and measure the success of their digital workplace capabilities? n ew survey results answer these five key questions. s tudying the studies: deeper analyses justify broader building investments t he benefits of sustainability programs to building owners and occupants have long been the subject of corporate real estate studies. n ow, a study of those studies goes beyond common topics of energy and efficiency to confirm the benefits of adopting broader, high-performance-building strategies that foster occupant happiness. d o you have appropriate governance over your data to assure its validity? e nsuring that your data can be trusted as a reliable source of information exactly when you need it is the key to using that data for sound decision-making at any given time. d ata governance is the process of keeping your data accurate, accessible, understood and protected, and its importance can't be overstated. 42 de P ar TM e NT s l eadership 2 m essage from the c hairman 8 m embers on the m ove 10 a ssociation r oundup 10-11 m essage from l earning 18 c orporate p artner p rofile 51 a l ook a head 54 c alendar of e vents 54 48 46 38 Anna Huan Yang Assistant Director International Monetary Fund

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