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6 December 2018 the lea D er The 2018 Young l eader of the Year is Chris Kelly e ntrepreneurial, innovative and forward-thinking c hris k elly has been named the recipient of the h . Gordon Wyllie, mcr , Young l eader of the Year a ward from c ore n et Global. c hris is president, co-founder and chief innovation officer of c onvene, a network of meeting, event and flexible workspaces. Workplace consumerization calls for a new look at resources Given technologies' rapid pace of development and new workplace trends, it's easy to get taken in by each shiny new object promising greater productivity. t he best approach, though, is to view employees as consumers of your space and tools. What technologies do they prefer? What gives them the edge they need to perform their best? a tale of caution makes statement on workplace technology a 2013 novel exaggerating the potential – and even nightmarish – aspects of a high-tech, digital workplace provides an interesting take on going too far in adopting grand technological schemes. The connected building: our newest business-performance asset i f your idea of i o t and of digitizing the workplace is about new capabilities making our everyday lives more convenient and productive, you are correct. But, there's so much more to it. a s an asset, the connected building has potential to improve the overall financial performance of your business. 44 de P ar TM e NT s l eadership 2 m essage from the c hairman 7 m embers on the m ove 8 a ssociation r oundup 8-9 mcr p rofile 53 a l ook a head 54 c alendar of e vents 54 48 46 40 Jeanie Kirkpatrick Kuypers, MCR Assistant Director, Workplace Strategies and Services Cambia h ealth Solutions s P o N sored fea TU res e conomic d evelopment d irectory 32-35

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