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F E A T U R E A R T I C L E 20 March 2019 the leader F utureForward 2025 began with a desire to engage members in creating a shared vision of the association's future. From there, it grew into a globe-spanning project that afforded thoughtful engagement and meaningful insights into what the future may hold for CoreNet Global and corporate real estate (CRE) professionals the world over. CoreNet Global is one of thousands of professional associations caught up in what many consider to be the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The broader changes sweeping through business, industry and society are requiring associations to actively explore "future proofing" their organizations. Associations need to understand who their members will be in the future and what the new expectations are for that member experience. Some association experts view this current era as a critical tipping point in the life of associations. Those who don't adapt to change face the risk of losing membership and, ultimately, failure. e nvisioned future of belo NG i NG 1. Belonging to a professional association will be more important than ever as members seek community and meaningful connectedness. 2. CoreNet Global will transition from a traditional membership model to a consumer-driven organization allowing immediate access to people, experiences and information. 3. The CoreNet Global value proposition will become more diverse to meet the diverse needs of members and customers, irrespective of geography, member category or career stage. 4. CoreNet Global will broaden its focus beyond advancing the practice of corporate real estate (CRE) to incorporate business enablement through digital, human and built-environment experiences. 5. CoreNet Global will be a mission- and purpose-driven association that takes positions on issues that matter to members – and inspires action. 6. Technology will enable a frictionless member experience with ease of access, just-in-time connectivity and flexible, on-demand content. Future forecasts by workstream by Sonali Tare e nvisioned future of lear N i NG 1. CoreNet Global will promote a trusting and innovative culture of continuous learning, meaningful relationships and camaraderie that will legitimize the professions served by the association. 2. CoreNet Global will build a diverse community of tribal learners that will challenge traditional education models with a less-formal approach of organic learning and peer-to-peer information sharing. 3. CoreNet Global will serve as a learning incubator, providing virtual spaces and experience labs for problem-solving and ideation. 4. Access to CoreNet Global's learning opportunities will be seamless across all aspects of the association, including conferences, designations, professional development and other knowledge-sharing opportunities. 5. CoreNet Global will leverage technology to establish a learning delivery model that focuses on methodologies and solutions that can be applied immediately. 6. Learning will evolve over time to incorporate multiple delivery styles and formats, including on-demand, just-in-time micro- learning opportunities. 7. The skills needed for CoreNet Global stakeholders will change dramatically as workplace automation becomes more prevalent. Many associations are already experiencing declining membership numbers. CoreNet Global is proving to be a notable exception to that trend. Over the past five years, the association's membership has grown by 70 percent or roughly 11 percent annually from 6,434 members in 2010 to 11,000. In comparison, on average, other professional societies have had an increase of 12 percent over the past five years combined. Additionally, only 10 percent of organizations have seen growth over 50 percent, putting CoreNet Global in a very strong position. 1 It is from this position of strength that the association embarked on its FutureForward 2025 strategic initiative. This project was a challenging one, with a goal of obtaining a diverse mix of viewpoints and forecasts about the future of belonging, convening and learning, and about information and content for the association – all within the context of anticipated changes in the CRE profession. More than 130 members convened for in-person work sessions in Singapore, Clear vision is set for Future Forward 2025

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