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the leader March 2019 21 1. "2018 Membership Benchmarking Marketing Report." Marketing General Incorporated. 2018. As director of knowledge and research for CoreNet Global, Sonali Tare leads the FutureForward 2025 initiative. Envisioned future of INFORMATION & CONTENT 1. CoreNet Global will leverage the collective power of its membership through an information exchange designed to support member-to-member sharing and real-time problem- solving and decision-making. 2. CoreNet Global will leverage technology tools and solutions such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, predictive analytics and virtual assistants to deliver timely, customized and interactive content experiences. 3. CoreNet Global's digital information and content platform will break traditional language and geographic boundaries, remove barriers and ease access for audiences. 4. CoreNet Global will become THE trusted source for timely, relevant content as it will audit and test the veracity of the data and information it provides. 5. CoreNet Global will provide relevant information and content to professionals beyond CRE to include those engaged in the built environment, work experience and corporate enablement. Envisioned future of CONVENING 1. The personal connection and human experience of an event will be even more important to participants. 2. Participants will expect a fluid experience with digital-physical integration but technology will not replace the need and desire for face-to-face events. 3. CoreNet Global will create a universal event experience that removes language, time and distance barriers and fosters an open, international marketplace. 4. CoreNet Global events will be designed with greater creativity, flexibility and the ad hoc ability to "convene on the fly." 5. Participants will, through a trusted source, seek purpose and values-driven experiences that are authentic and exceptional. London, Northern California, New York and Chicago. More than 245 members joined virtual focus group sessions, and 18 local chapters conducted their own futures sessions that contributed to this body of work. In addition, CoreNet Global engaged a number of consultants, association industry partners and subject-matter experts in everything from technology to sociology to geopolitics and the economy. Their guidance and unique perspectives helped challenge the groups' thinking. Four workstream white papers and an overview report were produced to highlight the key forecasts made by participants along with supporting data, research and rationale. The project's key forecasts indicate a strong desire in the future for the following: frictionless, trusted and authentic member experiences; just-in-time and on-demand access to information; digital-physical integration of events; events that break time, distance and language barriers; and tribal, organic micro-learning and co-creation. The forecasts made will guide the future strategic planning of the association for years to come. Perhaps what resonated most for those involved with this project was how much members value the sense of community that comes from their engagement in this organization – something they expect to value even more in the years ahead. Technological advancements, new modes of working and the pace of change will continue, but the human connection will remain at the very core of the association experience. Members can access the FutureForward 2025 reports by going to the CoreNet Global website or following this link:

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