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Company cultures can mitigate effects of workplace stresses t he "perfect storm" created by today's high-stress work environments must be met with an equally aggressive work culture that supports ergonomic, social and emotional wellbeing. d igitization is bringing a fundamental workplace shift h ardly surprising, s ilicon Valley companies have started a trend toward a more digitally driven workplace. t hese companies' ability to embrace new technology for talent acquisition and pure experimentation has inspired other companies to follow suit. l ook to labor analytics to solve site-selection challenges By leveraging labor analytics in your location decision-making, you can approach the opportunities in the correct order of business, first by understanding the workforce and business needs of the project. t hat means checking in frequently with business leaders charged with making decisions. t he f uture is Gen Z Generation Z is expected to be 30 percent of our workforce by the year 2030, so corporate real estate strategies will need to evolve to meet their needs. o ne study found the key is to balance digital, natural and human connections, and to take safety, customization and control into account. f uture f orward 2025 puts forth a clear vision While some professional associations are at a tipping point, c ore n et Global's future looks bright. o ur five-year membership growth of 70 percent already bests the average of 12 percent. i n years to come, f uture f orward 2025 will explore how we'll continue to "future proof" as our profession changes. a ttracting today's talent requires a special design approach h ow can corporate real estate executives design a workplace that attracts top talent while optimizing their workplace innovation? Go beyond the data to include all stakeholders in the actual design process. t his "co-creation" effort creates versatile, effective and satisfying environments. t ake an active approach with i o t privacy issues t he i nternet of t hings carries a lot of promise to enhance our work lives – or to wreak havoc on occupiers' sense of privacy. n ow is the time to implement some practical strategies for easing those fears of the unknowns and to define the social implication of technology on workplace experiences. Workplace flexibility is ripe for more changes a s companies continue to modify their space allocations, configurations, density ratios, etc., there is a chance that workplace flexibility models will be optimized once we see deeper partnerships between the landlord and operator. a lso on the horizon is a greater focus on amenities and premium products that redefine the space. e ase the effects of geopolitical and trade tensions t oday's companies face challenging global commerce and geopolitics, full of volatility and unpredictability. With careful planning and a strict focus on business, however, you can employ real estate strategies to help mitigate some of the risks associated with the uncertainties. feat U res 10 12 16 20 26 7 TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 March 2019 the leader 22 30 34

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