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46 the leader March 2019 5 Health and wellbeing in the workplace a work environment that promotes health and wellbeing is not simply a tactic for attracting and retaining talent; it's also a strategy for reducing costs and maximizing productivity and innovation. t he best programs are tailored to fit a specific workforce or location and are measured for their roi . o ccupiers' role in place-making must evolve a s corporate real estate executives, we need to step up our participation level in deciding corporate location on behalf of occupiers. o ne formerly depressed area in l ondon exemplifies how end-users can lead in the process by appealing to all stakeholders to work toward a shared vision. l et the d igital a ge work for you in driving efficiencies i n determining what management resourcing strategy is best – insourcing? outsourcing? a hybrid? something else? – digital analytics can be used to properly align workstyles to an organization's functional operating environment. r eal estate is out front in healthy-building design i n adopting, implementing and championing evidence-based and data-driven healthy- design strategies, the real estate sector is leading the way across portfolios of existing and new-construction buildings. a nd, they're following the standards of the f itwel c ertification s ystem to support occupant health. When smart buildings get real, real leaders get smart d eploying smart-building technologies is a big step, and a potentially risky one. But you and your team can help your company manage the risks by taking three practical steps. 36 de P art M e N ts l eadership 2 m essage from u niversity r elations 3 m essage from the c hairman 6 m embers on the m ove 8 a ssociation r oundup 8-9 Young l eader i nsights 23 c orporate p artner p rofile 45 mcr p rofile 47 a l ook a head 49 c alendar of e vents 49 40 38 42 Ted Ebbers Ontario Regional Director Accommodation and Portfolio Management Public Services and Procurement Canada

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