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26 JUNE 2019 th E l E ad E r F E A T U R E A R T I C L E Connecting SAP across the globe via collaborative technology by Greg Clark S AP is a global trailblazer in enterprise software and software-related services. With over 58,000 employees in more than 130 countries, effective communication and collaboration amongst its widespread workforce and its expansive customer base is a highly important factor in maintaining the company's role as a leader in its industry. Like with many corporations, ready access to resources that can support these connections is vital to day-to-day productivity. A few years ago, SAP's North American arm of its Global Real Estate and Facilities (GRF) division recognized that its conference-room technology landscape lacked consistency, both in terms of provisions and performance. This not only hindered user comfort and familiarity with its technology tools – particularly for employees who conduct business from multiple offices – but also presented a challenge to support staff, some of whom are responsible for supporting multiple offices remotely. In response, SAP America engaged The Sextant Group to help create an assortment of technology-rich and highly collaborative yet simple-to-use and cost-effective spaces that could be deployed throughout its portfolio. Lori Morrissey, SAP's head of Planning & Projects GRF Americas, noted, "The audiovisual technology

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