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28 JUNE 2019 th E l E ad E r customer's enterprise are presented and visualized in real time on touch- enabled displays for direct interaction with the data. While this is a custom platform designed to perform specific tasks, the room is also designed with the flexibility to support more traditional presentations or conferences with remote participants. i mproving the user experience Another initiative that has helped to unify the user experience has been standardizing the user interface on the touch panels used to control the various rooms' technology systems. Instead of having this developed independently for each location, The Sextant Group developed control software that delivers the same simplified look and operation that can be deployed throughout the portfolio. This allows users familiar with the control and operation of a training room in Alpharetta to be readily familiar with how that same space works in Toronto. These same concepts extend to other parts of SAP's technology environment. In its Newtown Square North American headquarters in Pennsylvania, its Hudson Yards offices in New York City, and its Palo Alto, California, facilities, SAP features executive briefing centers (EBC), where SAP representatives meet with potential clients. Each EBC includes advanced technology environments that promote highly interactive engagements with customers. In Hudson Yards, The Sextant Group designed an intimate theater space with floor-to-ceiling video displays and configurable surround sound, a space that enables SAP to showcase its technology solutions in a very immersive environment. This concept is expanding to Newtown Square and Palo Alto, as well as to other EBCs around the world in order to deliver a branded experience that is uniquely SAP. t he results The technology standards program has provided SAP with a strategically planned set of technology tools that are consistent throughout the enterprise – anywhere SAP employees and customers collaborate. The program provides simple-to-use and easily accessible, yet flexible and highly effective, resources that promote interaction and collaboration along with a unified branded experience. Greg Clark, CTS, INC e , is principal consultant for The Sextant Group. SAP digital boardroom SAP Hudson Yards EBC

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