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d iversity, equity and inclusion: e veryone can make a difference c orporate real estate professionals have an important and perhaps urgent role to play in diversity, equity and inclusion efforts within their own teams and their broader organizations. s o far, the culture of the profession is behind in mirroring the social movement away from homogeneity. s urvey results lend insight into business engagement, alignment t he various reporting structures, organizational models, data-management practices and performance metrics used by the corporate real estate and facilities profession tells an interesting story on the strategic role of cre & f in leading organizations. Meet ai , your new co-worker t here's no doubt: artificial (or, better yet, augmented) intelligence can help companies reduce costs, generate revenue and even increase profits, thanks to what it can do with data. But it isn't ready to run us all out of the workplace. i t's here to help us be better at what only we can do. t hree strategies can give you the open office you're looking for a h, the open office. i t doesn't work for everyone, so we debate its function altogether. But it's been around longer than we might remember, and it's likely to remain well into the future of workspace configurations. t o make it more useful to your organization, keep three design strategies in mind. We can create safe, psychologically sound workplaces a ddressing employee psychological wellbeing in the workplace is paramount to business performance, but today's workers report high levels of depression, anxiety, stress, and burnout. What can we as cre professionals do? s tart by looking at the whole workplace picture vs. isolated elements. t ools used for collaboration get an upgrade at sa P s imple to use. f lexible. e asily accessible and highly effective. t hese are how sap describes the new audiovisual and other conferencing technologies it has installed portfolio-wide to improve the way sap employees and customers collaborate. ' f uture f it' corporate real estate teams prove their added value a new " f uture of Work" survey proves the strength of cre in influencing business performance. s pecifically, c -suite leaders are benefitting from f uture f it cre teams in the five key areas of human experience, financial performance, operational excellence, digital drive and innovation. feat U res 14 18 20 22 30 10 TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 JUNE 2019 th E l E ad E r 26

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