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38 JUNE 2019 th E l E ad E r F E A T U R E A R T I C L E Partnering to transform the employee experience: Citrix's journey to align people, place and technology by Jenna Geigerman, a my Haworth and Chris LaPata H ow can companies align physical space, culture and technology to deliver an employee experience for the digital age, with company values at the core and improved productivity as a result? One path is to transform the workplace. This makeover is not simple and requires a well-thought-out plan that considers corporate values, business strategy, and vision of senior leadership. Ideally, it also actively involves the core group of people that the transformation will impact the most – the employees. This is exactly what the Citrix Real Estate & Strategy team, human resources (HR) department, and BHDP Architecture did when partnering on the transformation of the HR team space from individual offices to unassigned open seating. The goals were three- fold: (1) reduce the physical and metaphysical barriers between prospective, new and tenured employees; (2) reflect the company culture and brand promise; and (3) model an environment for employees and customers that encourages key behaviors and utilizes advanced technology to achieve strategic results. Motivators for change When approaching an organizational transformation such as workplace redesign, it is important to have a solid business case to help communicate the vision and get employees motivated around the change. For Citrix, the two major drivers were corporate values and timing. Donna Kimmel, executive vice president of human resources and chief people officer of Citrix, knew it was time for a change when she realized that the team's physical workspace no longer matched the desired company culture. "One of the Citrix core values is unity. We believe that our values are central to the design of programs and to our decision-making. We also put people first and create experiences that

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