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Chip Logan of BNY Mellon then addressed the panel, suggesting that the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy proved a need for resiliency around multiple, potential failure points in order to ensure business continuity. The evening's final topic, performance metrics, was framed by Denise Strong, who stated that "ultimately, our role is to understand the voice of the customer." Yet SPP's survey results belied this approach, show ing a n emphasis on operationa l costs as key performance indicators. This suggests room for improvement might include balancing quantitative data with more qualitative human factors as future measures of success. Interestingly, this emphasis on quantitative measures—at the expense or exclusion of qualitative metrics—was a similar theme in last year's Roundtable. This fact, borrowing from current popular culture, begs the question: If the Oscars can expand the best picture category from five to 10 entries, might it not be time for portfolio strategy & planning to update its scorecard, as well? In terms of managing growth, Schwagerl noted that regardless of the size of the portfolio, growth and change can best be managed with the help of service providers acting as extensions of the real estate team, along with a combination of hi-tech/low tech approaches—advanced technology and old fashioned "bed checks." Additionally, emphasis was placed on the importance of bringing multiple disciplines together to review data regularly for the purpose of making better-informed decisions. On the topic of resiliency, the panel was asked about the interplay between sustainability and mobility initiatives and their ability to support resiliency. All agreed that while both are largely culture-driven, sustainability and mobility initiatives must be led from the top in order to succeed. Attendee • Despite emphasis on the importance of building operational costs as it pertains to sustainability, only 24 percent of respondents said their company currently uses technology to track building performance and resource consumption. • Although 88 percent of respondents said that the company's technology strategy was linked to employee productivity and 64 percent said they track sick days, only 36 percent use technology to track employee turnover and downtime. The Discussion Allyson Hajdu, of Equifax, kicked off the discussion of how to align real estate and workplace by noting that because the departments inform each other, it's important to have a flexible and inclusive process. Panelists agreed that the key to developing flexibility is creating relationships with the businesses that enable you to understand how different entities within an organization work. Brian Schwagerl, Esq., BGS Advisory Services, added that it's incumbent upon real estate and workplace professionals to prove their value to the enterprise, stressing the importance of good listening and leadership skills in doing so. 1) Despite the proliferation of technology, executives are still not taking full advantage of the multiple data sources available. 2) Performance metrics are still focused more on bricks and mortar and less on talent attraction, retention and productivity measures that truly impact profitability and growth. 3) As suggested by Dr. W. Edward Deming, the father of modern quality management, you cannot improve what you cannot measure, meaning that better-informed portfolio and workplace decisions will come from a more inclusive process that combines high and low tech sources into a holistic data set. Members of the CoreNet Global New York City Chapter's Strategy and Portfolio Planning Committee (from left): Denise Strong, A&E Networks; Brian Schwagerl, Esq., BGS Advisory Services; Allyson Hajdu, Equifax; Christine Barber, Gensler Fran Ferrone is a Senior Associate, Director of Workplace Innovation, Mancini Duff y. Sources (1) Magic Quadrant for Integrated Workplace Management Systems. Gartner, June 26 2014. quadrant-integrated-workplace-management September/October 2015 | the LEADER 19

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