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4 SEPTEMBER 2016 Corporate sustainability: an important megatrend f ar from being just a buzzword or two, "corporate sustainability" is nothing short of an in- creasingly important and widespread battle cry. a nd, it's one that corporate real estate ( cre ) professionals can take the lead on by clearly grasping its context, its global significance, and its potential for providing long-term, strategic benefits to a company's business operations. a s a tenant, take time to prepare your lease for changes You think "location, location, location" is important? c onsider "options, options, options" when it comes to your next commercial lease. s ure, working options into your contract might prove to be a bit burdensome upfront, but don't underestimate their value when it comes to the flexibility they allow when such flexibility is needed. Meet the Global i nnovator's a ward finalists i t's Year 17 for the h . Bruce r ussell Global i nnovator's a ward, and this year's finalists have presented their best technologies, workplace programs, facilities or other innovative efforts to the judges. s tay tuned! Winners will be announced in o ctober. e mbed diversity and inclusion into your business You know you want and need a more diverse and inclusive workforce. But if research is any indication, yours is among the majority of companies that are failing at the effort to create one. s o, how can you realize your company's vision for adding such value to your talent pool? s tep back and start anew by following these steps to create the strategy you need for your company. What happens next after the UK leaves the e U? t he people have spoken in what's known as "Brexit" and the u nited k ingdom will never be the same after eventually leaving the e uropean u nion. What will Brexit, when it takes effect, mean for companies' business strategies in e urope? h ow about their cre portfolios? What impact will it have on l ondon, the financial capital of e urope? t here are differing opinions on the subject. l ook to sports for lessons on engagement and performance What do coaches, physical trainers and therapists, sports psychologists and nutritionists and the like know that we could stand to learn regarding our own corporate workforce? i t's not a stretch to see the tactics used on the sports field and how easily they could relate to the office environment in drawing out the best that employees have to offer. WPP's new s hanghai campus was massive undertaking a dvertising and marketing services giant W pp Group pulled together some 3,000 people from out of 10 separate properties and 26 different company organizations – some of which compete against each other – into a single campus in s hanghai's Jing an /Zhabei district. t hey did it on time and on budget, despite time being a formidable enemy. Wellbeing goes beyond the physical workplace f or companies to thrive, employees must thrive. t hat means strategies to maintain or optimize wellness in the workplace must go beyond the physical environment. t he strategies must be real, not superficial. o rganic, not forced. t hey must be inclusive and holistic. a nd in the end, we must measure meaningful changes toward a healthy workforce meaningfully. feat U res 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 The LEADER is now on Twitter! f ollow us @CNG l eaderMag TABLE OF CONTENTS

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