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30 MARCH 2017 Our CEO gave me the mandate to create a digital workplace program that will transform how our employees work, enabling the workforce to be more effective and engaged. I wonder if you got the same request, too. In any case, I can't do this alone. I need your help. Digital business transformation is happening all around us. It's creating new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds. It redefi nes the economic playing fi eld as things join people and space in a connected work environment. Gartner calls this the digital workplace. There is a clear connection between workplace, employee engagement and business outcomes. However, only 34 percent of employees are satisfi ed with their workplace and only 32 percent of them are engaged at work. If we work together, we can change this for the better. Together, we can meet the CEO's imperative by creating a digital workplace strategy that includes facilities redesign along with technology expansion. It would optimize remote work, allow us to attract new talent, and retain the rock stars that are drifting away to work at more tech-savvy companies. We share common problems. On average, IT spend is only 4.2 percent of total spend, so we're a rounding error. We both have trouble fi nding the skilled people we need. In fact, this is my No. 1 barrier to achieving my objectives as a CIO. Here are a few opportunities I see right off the bat: • As CIO, I'd like to have more business impact. Together, IT and RE can impact our company's culture. • I'm cost-constrained. Together, we could fi gure out ways to collaborate on services and share budgets. • I'm having trouble fi nding good people to hire. Together, we could build a workplace that employees are really excited about working in. You may not like my saying this, but the way I see it our headquarters building is just a big computer. We can enhance our space to create a great employee experience. Flexibility is the key. We have to give our workers the kind of workplace energizes them and makes them more productive. Wouldn't it be cool if we could create a technology "fabric" that allows people to work regardless of where they are in the building? And, what if we could extend that fabric to the customers and business partners that come to visit us? It would include things like: • Wi-Fi connectivity • laptops and tablets • cloud-fi rst policy • remote access Another thing we've got to fi gure out is the conference room situation. I have people coming to me all the time complaining that they can't fi nd a quiet area where a few people can work together. I heard the utilization of shared meeting space is, on average, just 30 percent. I thought your integrated workplace- An open memo from the CIO to the VP of Real Estate by Carol Rozwell, with Paul Miller MEMORANDUM To: VP Real Estate From: CIO Subject: We need to talk Our CEO gave me the mandate to create a digital workplace program that will transform how our employees • digital signage • videoconferencing • network capacity • follow-me printing

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