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MARCH 2017 31 management system provides you with space-utilization data. Maybe if I had a look at it, I could work with you to come up with a plan to make more of the conference rooms we need and get rid of the ones we don't use. And maybe we could try out that activity-based working approach I've been hearing so much about. In the past, I know we haven't been the best of friends. I know the rate of change of technology drives you crazy. We think we have the whole BYOD-thing fi gured out but now we're seeing artifi cial intelligence and IoT projects kicking off. Gartner predicts that by 2018, more than 3 million workers globally will be supervised by a "roboboss." That's going to have a huge impact on both the technology we give employees and the space in which they use the technology. We're both going to need to work awfully hard to create a more continuous employee experience. Space will need to augment the fl ow of work – think serendipitous interactions that lead to innovative breakthroughs. Applications used for knowledge-based work will need to accommodate different behaviors – think people, places, and things all dynamically interacting with each other. Unfortunately, my reputation and that of the IT organization as a whole is not that great so we have some ground to make up when it comes to these futuristic projects. Many still think of IT as "just" the help desk. In Gartner's Digital Workplace Survey, 81 percent of workers said they'd come to us if they had a technical problem. However, only 30 percent would come to us for advice on technology-use best practices or more forward-thinking types of issues. I'll also admit that I might not have always respected how diffi cult it is to manage facilities properly. It must be challenging to balance the need for cost control with the desire to create a working environment so cool that people want to show it off to their family and friends. And now that there is even more emphasis on security and sustainability, well, that has to be tough. So let's get together soon and talk about how we get our objectives, strategy and tactics in sync. Like the diagram below shows, I'd like to start dismantling the barrier between us (like the triangle on the left) and open up some new communication channels (the triangle on the right) that will enable both of us to meet our goals with more effi ciency and less effort. After all, we're both overworked. Since we aim to delight the same people (our employees), what a coup if we could fi gure out a clever and cheaper way to do that. Carol Rozwell, a vice president and Distinguished Analyst on Gartner's Digital Workplace team, explores strategy, leadership and skills needed to create the digital workplace while researching how the work en- vironment itself is changing to improve the employee experience. Paul Miller is a managing vice president at Gartner Research, IT Leaders, leading a team of analysts who cover collaboration in the digital workplace.

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