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38 MARCH 2017 F E A T U R E A R T I C L E Offi ce of the Future showplace: BMC's new innovative software development offi ce in Tel Hai, Israel E veryone is talking about BMC's brilliantly quirky new Tel Hai offi ces in northern Israel. From the outside, it is nothing spe- cial: an industrial warehouse with scenic views of the Golan Heights. Step inside, however, and you are transported through the looking glass into a polychromatic playground for digital natives. The cavernous space holds a tech village, replete with timber-framed marquees in the central square, and quaint streetlight-lined lanes surrounded by colour-coded shipping-container neighbourhood blocks and overlooked by a new fi rst-fl oor gallery. It is the latest and most striking incarnation of our Offi ce of the Future (OOTF) concept, now de- ployed across more than four-fi fths of our global corporate real estate (CRE) portfolio. Simply put, the OOTF is a strategic blueprint for boosting business success and being socially responsible by promoting a greener footprint. Developed in conjunction with our long-term partner, UK-based workplace design consultant Chris Legg of Turner Legg Consulting, it is our response to recogniz- ing that the physical workplace exerts a powerful infl uence on the wellbeing of the people who work there. As a minimum, it provides a fi rst-class work environment and reinforces our global brand without denying local cultural dif- ferences. Beyond that, it nudges employees to interact, fostering the kinds of collaboration so critical in software development. It focuses on the whole person, keeping staff happy, healthy and productive. And in the face of stiff competition for talent, it helps to attract and retain the best developers out there. Not a new presence BMC has had a presence in Israel since the turn of the century, when the remarkable 'silicon wadi' (Israel's Silicon Valley) phe- nomenon took off. In 1999, we acquired Tel Aviv software company New Dimension, whose Tel Aviv offi ce was in 2012 one of the fi rst to enjoy an OOTF makeover. Growing fast, we established another offi ce in 2000, this time in the Tel Hai Industrial Park just outside Kiryat Shmona in the far north, making Israel one of BMC's largest centers for R&D. Locating here has borne ample fruit over the years, with signifi cant strategic benefi ts. The climate is fresher than down on ing that the physical workplace exerts a powerful infl uence on the Locating here has borne ample fruit over the years, with by David Mirmelli

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