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MARCH 2017 41 David Mirmelli is director of Global Corporate Services Europe, Middle East and Africa for BMC. The LINK collaboration area to play, relax and communicate Some of BMC Tel Hai's fl exible and innovative meeting spaces will inform future OOTF projects. Overall, the end-product is a stylish delight, delivering a 'wow' factor that exceeds expectations. The building's indus- trial origins inspired the exposed M&E ducts and shipping container aesthetic inside. Perfectly sized for the local teams' ideal team unit, these brightly coloured containers are part- glazed and mostly doorless – an openness that encourages the cross-pollination of ideas. The containers are arranged around the edges, leaving a central space devoted almost entirely to social and collabora- tive use. The staff canteen, for example, is housed under a tent-like timber structure, a charmingly parochial insertion marking an unexpected mood change from the perimeter's ruggedness. Slap-bang in the middle is a glazed box for games called the 'LINK', designed specifi cally to promote camarade- rie between colleagues, collaboration, pride in their work and trust from the bosses. From here a staircase rises under the skylight to a bridge spanning the void and connecting to the mezzanine level. Symbols of innovation are all around: private 'phone booths;' fl atscreens; collaboration tables; and fl exible, multi- purpose meeting rooms, all equipped with funky furniture, cutting-edge tech, intuitive controls, and 'cable cubbies' that make connectivity a piece of cake. The clearly laid-out mix of formal, casual and intimate meeting spaces rectifi es the shortages experienced at the old offi ce. With BMC's recent enterprise-wide Skype for Business integration, the offi ce is unifi ed in communications. Holes for windows have been punched through the shed's outer shell and roof to fl ood the interior in daylight and provide attractive views to the surrounding countryside. A full-length balcony equipped with tables and chairs affords employees welcome outdoor space with fabulous east-facing views of Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights. An expanded parking lot to accommodate the growing workforce was completed in January 2017. It's still early days, but the design appears to be having the desired effect on recruitment and staff retention. The workforce currently stands at 230, with a drive to increase that to 250 in 2017 and, of course, the fl exibility to increase it up to 300 over time. The formal opening party in June 2016 was an over- whelmingly upbeat celebration. Staff are not just relieved to be out of the old offi ces, but effusive about their new workplace's surprisingly rewarding design.

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