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8 MARCH 2017 M E S S A G E F R O M T H E E D I T O R he LEADER's editorial coverage is intended to give our readers – 10,000 members of CoreNet Global around the world – the information and insight they need to be successful today and to be prepared for tomorrow's challenges. In this edition, Franklin Becker and Michael Joroff explain how powerful forces shaped by global demographic, technologic, economic and political shifts are disrupting how and where business is done (page 32). As a result, many of today's best real estate management and workplace practices will morph (and potentially disappear) as new approaches emerge and are implemented. They outline four mega-challenges – fundamental changes in the context of global business – that will shape and infl uence corporate real estate (CRE). Maureen Ehrenberg writes that digital technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), automation, big data, mobile working and other advances have radically altered how, when and where we work, redefi ning the workplace and how we use our facilities (page 12). As business automation comes to corporate real estate and facilities management, it creates both opportunity and risk for CRE teams. CRE organizations that embrace the use of automation will reap the rewards of greater portfolio and building effi ciency, improved energy usage, better regulatory compliance, a work force that's delighted with its workplace, and a more visible contribution to the enterprise. Understanding cultural differences across nations and organizations is crucial as companies seek to act globally and think locally. On page 46, Ilir Nase and Monique Arkesteijn explore the link between CRE strategy and organizational culture. David Mirmelli reports on BMC Software's new offi ce in Israel, highlighting its role in reinforcing the global brand without denying local cultural differences, fostering collaboration and teamwork, and attracting and retaining talent (page 38). Kay Sargent and Beate Mellwig remind us that the world's fi rst coworking spaces opened their doors just 10 years ago (page 58). Today, there are approximately 11,000 coworking offi ces around the globe. Only three years from now – by 2020 – it's estimated that there will be some 26,000 coworking spaces worldwide, and membership will more than triple to almost 4 million users. Carol Rozwell and Paul Miller's "Open Letter from the CIO to the VP of Real Estate" encourages CRE and IT leaders to break down barriers and open up new communication channels that will enable both functions to meet their goals with greater effi ciency and less effort (page 30). Globalization and its economic and societal impacts are a frequent topic of conversation these days. On page 24, Jay Biggins and Michelle Comerford discuss the key factors driving manufacturing location decisions in the United States. We hope you enjoy these articles, and the entire March edition of the LEADER. Tim Venable Editor

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