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22 SEPTEMBER 2017 ThE lEadER Based in Atlanta, Erin Ganaway is content writer for CoreNet Global. F E A T U R E A R T I C L E Microsoft: zero-waste certifi cation Microsoft is practicing sustainability not only through its energy- smart buildings; the company also recently gained recognition as the fi rst Zero-Waste Certifi ed technology company in the nation. Through a program to reduce, reuse and compost waste in its Puget Sound campus, Microsoft succeeded in creating a greener workplace. It achieved certifi cation through a multi-pronged approach that included partnering with suppliers who use little to no packaging; eliminating potential waste before it even arrives on campus; using dining-service tableware made entirely from compostable plant materials; and sorting anything remaining into easy-to-fi nd containers marked for compost, recycling or landfi ll waste. Even old offi ce supplies, furniture and technology equipment are donated to nonprofi ts through a reuse program that serves global schools and businesses. As a result of these best practices, Microsoft succeeded in diverting 90 percent of food- related waste from landfi lls and converting 100 percent of composted waste into mulch to be used for green landscaping. The Seattle-based technology organization is leveraging its reputation to set a positive example for all. Rocky Mountain Institute: Innovation Center Why not heat and cool people, rather than the space around them? This is just one of the many challenges Rocky Mountain Institute addressed in designing a beyond-net-zero-energy building as a model for the design and construction industry. Taking into consideration six factors – air temperature, wind speed, humidity, clothing, activity level, and surrounding surface temperature – the fi rm has essentially reduced the building's energy use to heat and cool spaces by 50 percent. But this isn't the only landmark progress the company has made. The fi rm is a "think-and-do tank" that focuses on using natural resources effi ciently and responsibly while enhancing the workplace experience. In constructing the Innovation Center, over 86 percent of waste was diverted from landfi lls; water use was reduced by 42 percent simply through standard fi xtures. And good news for employees: over 93 percent of work stations have direct outdoor views. In an effort to innovate construction and renovation practices, Rocky Mountain Institute forges the way for responsible building in the generations to come. Royal Bank of Canada: collaborative service team Canada's largest bank and the 15th largest bank in the world, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), has 23.5 million square feet (2.2 million sq. m.) of global real estate that spans thousands of properties in 39 countries. Needless to say, such a portfolio requires special attention. With this in mind, RBC formed the ONE TEAM, an integrated team of three service providers. Cushman & Wakefi eld, JLL, and Turner & Townsend joined forces to service RBC's global portfolio. The result is a highly collaborative service model devoid of hierarchy – a team whose members work side-by-side to provide consistent service. ONE TEAM developed a Transition Plan and, within four months, planned for and met 585 milestones, completed 27 technology integrations, and transitioned more than 1,800 suppliers and landlords, among many more notable accomplishments. The team effectively meets the evolving needs of clients, including workspace adjustments, occupancy-cost management, and utilization of creative space. Having all three service providers embedded in ONE TEAM allows them to develop together in their commitment to shared values. Photo: Aaron Leitz Photos: Tim Griffi th

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