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12 DECEMBER 2017 thE lEaDER F E A T U R E A R T I C L E Five workplace shifts that companies must make by 2020 W orkplace strategy has grown increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Previously, workplace strategy was primarily focused on reducing real estate spending. This year companies around the world will have spent billions on their workplaces. The question is, will they get that right? To answer this question simply, they will if they continue the emerging trend of focusing dollars on enabling employees rather than cutting costs. Successful companies are making the massive and necessary shift of recognizing the value of the workplace as more than a place to contain costs, instead seeing it as a business tool to help hire and keep the best talent and keep employees innovating on all cylinders. Decision makers are viewing the workplace as a way to create productive and engaging experiences for employees. To the surprise of few, content employees are far more likely to be successful employees. Confirmation of this comes from a far-reaching analysis of 225 academic studies, in which researchers found that happy employees have, on average, 31 percent higher productivity and 37 percent higher sales, while their creativity is three times higher. In pursuit of this happier, healthier, more engaged workforce and its promised benefits, Colliers International recently unveiled its new Global Workplace Trends white paper. The overarching imperative: learn to see workplace strategy as a business opportunity rather than a design challenge. There will be growing pains – mostly due to new demands, technologies by Keith Perske

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