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52 DECEMBER 2017 th E l E a DER How long have you been with your company? a nd how long have you been in corporate real estate (C re )? t ell us about your career path. I've always worked in IT and technology companies. My first job was managing a cus- tomer call center with Microsoft, then I moved into a sales support role with Dell and Computa- center, then a performance and compliance role with Cable & Wireless. I joined Oracle 10 years ago and had little real estate experience. I was a member of BIFM (British Institute for Facilities Management) and had gained extensive knowl- edge in facilities but my exposure to real estate was limited. When you started your C re career, how did you learn what you needed to know? d id you have a mentor, either formal or informal, who helped guide your skill growth and provide support and advice? t ell us about how that relationship came to be and how it helped you. I was very keen to take on the real estate role at Oracle and learn as much as I could. Paul Garlicki, our VP for Real Estate and Facilities in EMEA, who also has the MCR, was really my men- tor and always encouraged me to take on more. Almost straightaway, Oracle looked to CoreNet Global as a good place for me to extend my train- ing. I learned so much about real estate while going through the MCR program, not just within my industry but across all sectors. Tara Mills, MCR Real Estate and Facilities Director Oracle Corp. UK Ltd What was the best advice you received related to your career? Pertaining to CRE, it's do your due diligence and financial analysis, and have options available. It's looking at every single situation and scenario and be able to turn it on its head – look at it from all directions. Here at Oracle, we conduct a lot of due diligence and are lucky enough to have our own software systems, which help. What was your personal reason/motiva- tion for seeking the MC r designation? When did you earn it, and how long did you take to complete the program? I was hungry, and still am, to learn as much as I possibly can in this profession. The more knowledge you have, the better you are at your role. I wanted to get my MCR so that I could get some accreditation in my field. I completed my MCR about two years ago, in 2015. I'm now working on my SLCR. I took the SLCR seminar at the London Summit recently; they just seem to get better every time and the information shared is so valuable – so much learning came from it. The pace of change means that what we might have known and understood a year ago could be completely different today. So, staying on top of changes and where the market is going is essential. t hinking back to the total MC r learning experience, what aspects of the MC r program were your favorites? Meeting other people who were going through the MCR too helps you gain knowledge as to what they're doing in their companies as they face challenges similar to yours. You get to hear from people who've been in CRE perhaps longer than you have, and you can get perspec- tives from other industries. How has achieving the MC r designa- tion helped you professionally, and what would you say to other C re profession- als who don't yet have their MC r ? Studying and completing the MCR shows your team and senior management that you are com- mitted to your role and that you want to do it to the best of your ability. In addition, unless you're getting some sort of industry training, how can you really know how to benchmark what you're doing against what others are doing? How can you do a sanity check if you aren't connected to others? How do you know what your competitors are doing? Sometimes there are solutions out there that you will only hear about by attending these kinds of seminars and being part of the networking. Equally important are the relationships I've built. I still get lots of e-mails from people who took the MCR along with me, asking questions about how Oracle does things. Now I can give back to other members, and that's important, too. I would not have gained the skills and knowledge I have today if not for the MCR. There's no other way to get them so quickly and effectively. t ell us about your family. d o you have any hobbies or special interests? I have a very close family and four sisters with lots of nieces and nephews, so we have great fun if a little hectic at times! I love animals, particularly dogs, and have just volunteered to help at a local dog-rescue center. For more information about the Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) program, visit or contact Amy Dreher at MCR PROFILE

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