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T he CoreNet Global Academic Case Study Series, an integral part of the CoreNet Global University Relations Initiative, is designed to provide students with a foundation of knowledge and skills surrounding corporate real estate (CRE) in an ever-changing business context. Each case study is aligned with chapters in the Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate book to help reinforce fundamental comprehension of CRE topics. Professors and department chairs from universities around the world have consistently asked for a challenging and academically rigorous business case study that validates academic principles applied to CRE. Fortunately, CoreNet Global, the world's largest association dedicated to the CRE profession, has amassed a treasure trove of relevant case studies through our global summits and contributions to our online Knowledge Center. The process began in June 2016 with a review of breakout sessions proposed for the EMEA and North American Summits. A selection of proposals was identified as having the potential to be turned into an academic case study, and meetings were scheduled during the Summits to explore the opportunities with the proposal authors. Jodi Williams, AICP, LEED AP ID+C, of CallisonRTKL, readily accepted the challenge of enhancing one of these Summit proposals and unearthing the relevant academic principles being applied by the professional staff executing the plan. The additional research and background details delivered by Jodi and her team took untold hours over many months. But their efforts produced a model case study with rich detail and logical connections between academia and the business objectives. CoreNet Global is proud to offer this case study for faculty to use with our compliments. We are searching for additional partners who are willing to share their difficult decision scenarios with us so that we can build a robust library of case studies to offer faculty through our University Relations effort. For more information, or to discuss the possibility of developing the next great case study, please contact Dean Jordan, VP University & External Relations, 404.589.3218 or The case method is a teaching approach that uses decision-forcing business situations to put students in the role of people who were faced with difficult decisions at some point in the past. The case method requires that instructors refrain from providing their own opinions about the decisions in question. Rather, the chief task of instructors who use the case method is asking students to devise and defend solutions to the problems at the heart of each case. CoreNet Global's first academic case study

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