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to Cisco's financial performance and enable us to identify how real estate strategy contributes to workforce productivity. Our analysis of employees' travel time, to cite just one thing we track, has helped us select locations that minimize the stress and time of long commutes, thus making employees more productive and more engaged. We think of metrics in three broad categories, from the most basic to the more strategic. We measure real estate efficiency, which is basically cost per square foot; real estate effectiveness, which incorporates metrics such as cost per person (or FTE – full-time equivalent) and square foot per person; and the softer – but equally important – metric of customer experience. We analyze customer- sentiment data to measure Cisco employees' satisfaction with their workplace and our real estate services. And we analyze sensor data to identify peak occupancy and higher and lower occupancy ranges, and to design and deploy our space accordingly. Predictive analytics drive strategic decisions Data analytics have evolved over the past few years. It used to be a more manual process: We collected data from various systems, drive continuous improvement t H e le A de R MARCH 2018 17

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