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i magine the year 2040. What does it look like for office planning? h ow will we want to work in the year 2040? What will change and how will we navigate spaces? a nd, what do we do today to prepare for these changes ahead for corporate real estate ( cre )? s tart by imagining the technologies of tomorrow and how they are likely to affect every aspect of office space. Cisco optimizes its real estate portfolio with detailed analytics t o improve the performance of its real estate portfolio, c isco relies heavily on analytics. o ver the past five years, it was analytics that have led to a $200 million reduction in operating expenses despite a 15 percent growth in headcount and multiple-market rent increases. f lexible workspace moving from conceptual to commonplace t he phenomenal growth of flexible workspace, in its many forms, has provided a true sense of choice – one of how and where a company works. a s the concept matures, it continues to yield a variety of asset types that support occupiers' specific operational business requirements. Going gung-ho on goodies for Millennials? Not so fast… p utting too much emphasis on the millennial generation when designing your workplace to attract and maintain talent might backfire, says one company's research. i nstead, wrap your workplace design around employees' life events and/or life stages to provide flexibility and choice to a wider and ever-changing employee base. Microsoft uses data to fine-tune the user experience a t m icrosoft, user experience is the primary factor of space design. i n its latest efforts to create a space that works for how people actually use it, the company went well beyond the now-familiar technologies of space assessment to incorporate a strictly data-driven, machine-learning approach to space optimization. a bird's-eye view of outsourcing can help in decision-making f or deciding whether to insource, outsource or use a combination of the two strategies for certain activities, information is your best tool. t ake time to review this presentation of decision factors, such as outsourcing models and pricing strategies, to position yourself for success. feat U res 12 16 20 24 28 32 TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 MARCH 2018 t H e le A de R

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