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the leader June 2018 13 innovative outsourcing solutions. It is to the benefit of the service provider to understand these trends and to either self-deploy solutions in-house or to work with technology providers to create integrated offerings capable of meeting the client's needs. The vast increase in data availability and analytics options carry implications for the service provider's contracting model and performance management framework. The contract structures need to be set up to include expectations from the CRE organizations on the use and reporting of data and analytics. 5. d eveloping partnerships The unifying thread that connects all the aforementioned themes is partnership on the initiative right from the start. A thorough internal understanding by the CRE organization of the current and desired future state, as well as the limitations of each, can help in determining the necessary RFP requirements. Comprehensive documentation and preliminary communication can increase the likelihood of receiving thoughtfully tailored responses from service providers. Service providers are sometimes challenged by limited data and context when developing their responses to RFPs. It is essential that CRE organizations developing an RFP consider the time required to onboard service providers, supply them with adequate data for their analysis, and factor in solution- centric discussions as a part of evaluation process. Knowledge of an organization's complexities and actual goals upfront can help a service provider develop a trusted strategic partnership with the organization and minimize challenges in the bidding process and any future outsourcing arrangement (see Figure 4). Francisco J. Acoba, MCR, SLCR, is a managing director in Deloitte Consulting LLP's Strategy & Operations practice and U.S. lead for the company's Real Estate Transformation capability. Griffin James, MCR, is a senior manager in Deloitte Consulting's Strategy & Operations practice. Akhila Gudla is a manager in Deloitte Consulting's Strategy & Operations practice. Trevor Newman, MCR, is a senior-consultant member of the Real Estate Transformation team of Deloitte Consulting. i n summary The five themes presented in this article provide directional guidance on assessing a CRE organization's position and readiness for change and collaboration, and its organizational consensus on a path forward. Reviewing these themes provides a view of its future state processes and technology roadmap. By taking the time to adequately align the organization around why and what outsourced services are required, a CRE organization can rapidly scale up its outsourcing activities, mitigate risks, and align with larger corporate objectives to ensure "business as usual" drives significant business value.

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