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understood how business strategy and company direction could help it evaluate the real estate market. b uilding the strategy Building on the top-level guidance of the business criteria, architectural services provider Francis Cauffman worked to apply them to interior design. To start, the firm studied all seven Vertex offices and employee routines in detail. Through interviews, surveys, and utilization and observation studies over many months, it identified patterns and collected thousands of data points on communication, collaboration, change, work-life balance and culture. The Francis Cauffman studies provided tremendous insight into the complex picture of how Vertex work was being done, identifying issues that were affecting work activities. The separate buildings were fragmenting our culture. The highly structured and inflexible spaces were not being used effectively. Individual workspaces were underused. Most critically for a collaborative company, meeting spaces were too few, sized incorrectly, and inadequate for the way employees used them. In addition, employees identified needs that included more access to daylight, sound control, better ergonomics and more collaborative spaces. The findings also helped to construct a workplace strategy to fit the culture and introduce efficiencies. It was discussed with employees after being distilled into five guiding principles: Clusters of custom-designed workstations with ergonomic sit/stand desks and seated privacy walls fan out from a central ring of glass-walled offices, taking advantage of natural light and expansive views while creating flexible options for organization. the leader June 2018 27

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