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survey results show complexity of outsourcing decisions When it's time to re-evaluate what functions to retain in-house and what to outsource, financials are not always the primary considerations. a much stronger approach is to align the decision-making to the company's broader business objectives. Rocky Mountain institute shows how sustainability is done When your very existence is to foster the sole use of renewable energy sources by businesses, governments and communities, building a new headquarters in a particularly cold climate turns up the heat, so to speak, on your efforts. the rocky mountain institute delivered. Women in corporate real estate see – and support – big changes it's worth pausing now and then to measure progress women have made in the business world. Beyond the organic rise of women in the workplace through greater access and education, specific efforts – country by country or in society at large – continue to work at leveling the playing field in the cre profession. New research sheds light on value of employee wellness think you know the importance of supporting employee health and wellness? researchers at the university of california, Berkeley, have studied the topic in detail and have, without question, connected the dots to organizational success. Viewing building as an asset helped support transformational goals With offices spread throughout seven buildings, one growing philadelphia-area company saw its effort to consolidate space with an optimistic eye on more broadly supporting company strategies, evolving workplace dynamics, and corporate values. indoor-positioning system overrides bad yet common habits it's a common situation: someone books a meeting space, but for any number of reasons doesn't use it or unbook it. that seems benign enough on the face of it, but for a company with 14,000 employees located in multiple buildings on a large corporate campus, it posed a real problem. enter indoor-positioning technology. fEatUREs 10 14 18 22 26 30 TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 June 2018 the leader

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