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time and energy As the starting point for a bigger roll-out of workplace improvements at Ericsson, the company deployed IPS initially for some 4,000 employees so they could better navigate their workplace. Currently, as many as 9,000 employees working throughout 20 floors in four headquarters buildings can use an app on their smartphones to easily find available rooms and spaces to work. "Companies housed in large buildings are looking to increase the utilization rates of their offices – and, at the same time, improve the employee experience. As more companies are switching to agile workplaces, leaders are dedicated to make office life easier and improve effectiveness," said Dr. Christian Lundquist, CEO and co-founder of Senion. "We help large companies simplify their workplace, automating tedious tasks so employees can focus on things that matter." At Ericsson, the location-responsive workplace app increases employee productivity and satisfaction, helping employees get more out of their workday. "We looked carefully at the benefits of using IPS in our offices and determined the system would pay for itself in productivity savings alone," said Magnus Arildsson, global head of application platform for IoT at Ericsson. "Our initial roll-out focuses on productivity improvements by saving employees time they might waste searching for things, such as conference rooms or places to work." i P s also better positions the bottom line Eliminating such workplace hurdles that weaken employee productivity also makes sense financially. According to a Senion office IPS survey conducted in October 2017, individual employees waste up to 60 minutes per week searching for available desks, conference rooms, and colleagues. Across the U.S., the survey surmised, that time spent searching equates to some $27.5 billion. "As technology becomes an increasingly large part of the real estate manager's tool set, the solutions deployed must be crafted with extreme attention to the end-users," said Lundquist. "Technology should be an invisible force that simplifies our lives and the things we do. Less hassle – and more time to get things done." Jonas Callmer, PhD, is vice president of product and co-founder at Senion, a global leader in indoor- positioning solutions. the leader June 2018 31

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