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the leader June 2018 43 opportunities to bring enormous health and well-being value to the workplace. t he 2025 health and well-being outlook While a retrofit of current space and amenities can work as a quick win, growing the current state of employee health and well-being with any strategic impact requires a long-term focus. In terms of health and well-being amenities, our research revealed that in 2025, survey respondents expect to provide their employees with advanced lighting, including exposure to more natural light. This is followed by biophilic air treatment (using plants to naturally filter the air), personalized health, a wellness concierge, and stress-monitoring bracelets. When asked to select their top five health and well-being priorities heading toward the year 2025, survey respondents were clear. Securing health insurance for their employees is a key priority, followed by enabling flexible working, and giving employees opportunities to exercise. Given the general outlook, there is no doubt our industry is in strong agreement about the positive impact that an increased focus on health and well-being programmes can have on employee-engagement rates, productivity and overall competitiveness. And even though employees demand more than what the majority of employers can currently deliver, long-term plans are in place to make things better for the people around us. So, what stands in the way of making this happen? A large majority of respondents – 71.3 percent – say budgetary constraints. However, turn things around a little bit and consider the positive correlation between employee engagement, well-being, productivity and company competitiveness, as well as the negative correlation if well-being initiatives are absent. Can you afford not to? Joseph Nazareth is group vice president and head of Group Health, Safety & Environment and Corporate Responsibility at ISS Group. Before joining the company in 2010, he was head of Group HSSE at A.P. Møller-Mærsk.

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