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How long have you been at Ciena? a nd how long have you been in corporate real estate (CRE)? I started with Ciena in March 2010 as a contractor via my own company and then became a full-time employee in March 2011. Since that time, I have progressively managed the EMEA region, then the EMEA and India/ APAC regions, and now, since 2014, have responsibilities across Ciena's global portfolio. I have been in CRE since 1989, when I was responsible for 83 offices within a UK portfolio, but in true CRE since 1999, when I took on responsibility for a UK-based company with a single office. Between 2001 and 2006, that grew into a global portfolio with 23 offices in 16 different countries. Unfortunately, this company was then a victim of the economic 'crash' of 2008 and, following a takeover by a large international organization, I was made redundant. As a result, I set up my own company providing real estate consultancy and associated services. I operated successfully through this company, securing a number of contracts, including the management of two high-profile projects in the sporting world. The first was with The Football Association (The FA), relocating its London headquarters from Soho Square to Wembley Stadium, and the second was with the Rugby Football Union (The RFU), moving its headquarters into the newly built South Stand at Twickenham Stadium in South West London. David b ains Senior Director, Global Facilities & Property Operations Ciena Ltd. What do you see as your biggest accomplishment? Nothing can be achieved without the help, support and dedication of the team(s) you have working with you. In that context, I have been fortunate enough to have played my part in helping to transform the vision of a global real estate organization into reality, and in leading a blended team charged with supporting the evolution of a corporate culture through a series of projects around the world, all focused on supporting Ciena's corporate values. The most rewarding moment of my time at Ciena, so far, was delivered by one of my India team employees. We had just completed a three-year reorganisation and transformed the customer's view of our services from 'very poor' to a status of 'trusted partner.' Reflecting on that achievement, I asked each member of the team what the journey had meant to them. The quietest member of the team said, 'I now come to work happy'. That alone made all the hard work, commitment and perseverance to get us there 100 percent worthwhile. What's one of your favorite quotes? If not 'Man who sits on a hot oven will rise again', then I always take comfort from Winston Churchill's 'If you're going through hell … keep going'. What is the last book you read? At one point in time, having been inspired by the likes of Dickens, Orwell, Harper Lee, and Salinger, I considered teaching English. But the book I have come back to on more than one occasion, and the book that I last read, is "A Kestrel for a Knave" by Barry Hines. The iconic British film "Kes", directed by Ken Loach, was based on this book. People would be surprised to know that. . . In the late '70s, I was in a punk rock band. Within six months of our first gig, we had been in the national music press on two occasions and we thought we were going places. However, it wasn't long before reality set in after our third review, in which the reviewer commented 'this band has a song called "Roads" … and by the sound of it – they've taken the wrong one'! CORPORATE PARTNER PROFILE What was the best advice you ever received? 'If at first you don't succeed, look at things from a different angle'. i f not in CRE, what would you be? I would love to have had the eye and talent to be an architect, but more likely I would look to livestock farming. Outdoors; a variety of challenges during each day and across each season; the care, feeding and well-being of your herds/flocks/broods; and, ultimately, always a sense of freedom and reward. What is your favorite pastime? Fifteen years ago, my better half, Catriona, and I purchased a small house in Brittany, France; it was over 250 years old. The stone walls are 3 feet thick, it has no foundations and, when we purchased it, it had not been lived in for 20 years. Now, over the years, we have renovated it and when we are there I can happily lose myself for hours just 'pottering' around. The house also has a room that I have hijacked for my vinyl and punk rock poster collections. So, if not to be found 'pottering', it's a good bet that that is where you'll find me. What do you want your legacy to be? I think that is more for others to decide than me, but I hope it will be something positive. t ell us about your family. Catriona is an IT analyst and we have two children. Our daughter Ciara is at Bath Spa University studying for a BA in commercial music, and Jamie is at Cardiff University studying for a BSc Econ. in politics and sociology. Ciara plays bass in a band called 'The Shuks', who are about to embark on their first national tour. Jamie is a budding music journalist and, like his father, an avid collector of vinyl. To learn more about the CoreNet Global Corporate Partner program, contact David Vining at the leader June 2018 47

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