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the leader June 2018 49 How long have you been with your company? a nd how long have you been in corporate real estate (CRE)? t ell us about your career path. I have been with CTE since October 2015. I have been in corporate real estate for more than 12 years, with additional background time in commercial construction. I grew up in a family that had both residential and commercial construction exposure, plus I have siblings that dabbled in real estate investment. I guess that's where my interest stemmed from. Early on, I learned construction estimating, project management, procurement and general marketing and business skills in my family's construction business. Later, I went to work for Nextel Corporation in its corporate real estate department, where I managed a small team of folks to develop national retail stores, as the company sought to expand its retail footprint as a direct sales channel. I spent seven years working for Time Warner Cable in its corporate real estate department, managing real estate transactions in the NYC and Midwest regions of its corporate portfolio. During this period, I earned my master's degree in real estate development from Auburn University. Soon after graduation, Time Warner Cable was in merger talks so I took on my current role with CTE, which was looking to expand its real estate and facilities function. This role has more direct real estate development aspects to it, which I enjoy, and has broadened my exposure to facilities management. Matt Siegfried, MCR Manager, Real Estate & Facilities CTE When you started your CRE career, how did you learn what you needed to know? d id you have a mentor, either formal or informal, who helped guide your skill growth and provide support and advice? t ell us about how that relationship came to be and how it helped you. I was fortunate to learn at first from my father and older brothers, who were well- versed in the different facets of the construction business. I also worked for some very good managers who helped guide me along the way on the CRE side. I still talk to them from time to time, just to say hello or run a scenario by them if I come across something I can use some help with. What was the best advice you received related to your career? The best advice I have received is to be mindful of the micro decisions that lead to the macro decisions. In other words, be mindful of the steps or decisions you make today and what those can or will lead to down the road. What was your personal reason/mo- tivation for seeking the MCR designa- tion? When did you earn it, and how long did you take to complete the program? I actually decided to get the MCR after some advice from a colleague of mine from Time Warner Cable. They spoke very highly about the corporate real estate education I could glean from the MCR program and, after attending the first class, I knew I would enjoy the subject matter. I earned the designation just last year. I had started it and then had to put it on hold, so to speak, after I decided to get my master's at Auburn. Once I finished at Auburn, I returned to finish up the MCR. Therefore, I believe I ended up using the full, five-year window. MCR PROFILE t hinking back to the total MCR learning experience, what aspects of the MCR program were your favorites? I really enjoyed sharing best practices with other end-users and learning about the different approaches to not only corporate real estate functions, but also problem-solving. How has achieving the MCR designa- tion helped you professionally, and what would you say to other CRE professionals who don't yet have their MCR? There is no doubt that the MCR program has exposed me to different corporate real estate areas more quickly and it expanded my tool-kit on how to approach certain real estate management challenges. When you work within one corporate real estate department, you may not be exposed to the many different tools that others make use of to manage the complex challenges that CRE managers face. I would certainly encourage candidates to sign up for or complete the program; the experience and investment is well worth it. t ell us about your family. d o you have any hobbies or special interests? I have a wife of 13 years and we have two kids, ages 7 and 11. I like to play golf, ride dirt bikes, travel and play with my kids. For more information about the Master of Corporate Real Estate (MCR) program, visit or contact Amy Dreher at

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