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6 June 2018 the leader in embracing the new workplace, timing might be everything cautious. prudent. conservative. careful. however you describe your delay in embracing a next-generation workplace, executives who just went through the process cite the frog-in-boiling-water metaphor: if you don't go ahead and jump, the status quo could, before you know it, be detrimental. in this planning method, those closest to the need get a strong voice You're ready to plan for your five-year portfolio, so you and a few top executives schedule intense, closed planning sessions to match anticipated real estate supply and demand, right? "Wrong!" says a company whose very brand is about transparency. it uses open-portfolio planning to curate practical ideas from the best and brightest, company-wide. then it lets the best idea win. survey: alignment of wellness needs and provisions still lacking it's no secret that employers want employees who are happy and engaged at work. a 2017 iss and corenet Global survey outlines the critical need to focus on health and well-being, but finds that some companies still fall short. apps target archaic nature of parking to help end frustrations the internet of things is turning old ways of doing things on their collective heads, and one broad initiative is tied to the dreaded parking lot. apps that create positive experiences in that outdoor space can reflect positively on those who implement the technology. 36 dEPaRtMENts leadership 2 message from the chairman 7 members on the move 8 association roundup 8-9 corporate partner profile 47 a look ahead 50 calendar of events 50 44 40 32 David bains Senior Director, Global Facilities & Property Operations Ciena Ltd.

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